Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How to Improve Your Site’s Traffic through Web Directories

Many of you have maybe seen web directories spreading up around the web but don’t exactly know what they are for. To those of you who are absolutely clueless of what a web directory is, it is a list of website links by category or subcategory.

If you are a website owner and you are looking for traffic to your site, you will find it useful to utilize a web directory in your traffic campaign and website promotion. In order for search engines to add more value to your site, it should have a lot of quality back links. One way of building back links to your site is by submitting them to web directories.

There are numerous kinds of web directories. Some are free of charge while others have fees in order for your site to be incorporated in their listing. There are also web directories that need reciprocal linking, meaning you have to link back to the directory first before your site can be added to the directory. Other web directories are only focused on one region like the UK or it only caters to a specific niche like beauty, health, business and so on.

To start submitting your website to web directories, you should first create a list of web directories that are relevant to your website. Search for “web directories” on your favorite search engine and you will be presented with a long list of what’s accessible on the Internet. You will notice that each directory has categories that control broader topics and beneath them are the sub-categories, which contain specific topics. If the directory contains the category where your website belongs, then you may submit your website to that web directory. If not, then you can move on to another web directory on the list.


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