Monday, November 29, 2010

Significance of White, Black and Gray Hat SEO

SEO is one of the most accepted Internet marketing techniques used by many webmasters today. What make it popular is because of its broad diversity of techniques and methods which are mainly used to recover the quality and quantity of visitors to a website, mostly through the use of search engines.

Through the years, since SEO was first introduced, its techniques have considerably grown, which are mainly used for the purpose of humanizing one's visibility in search engines, allowing their websites to be indexed at the top. And most of these techniques are known for their difficult effects. This is the reason why SEO techniques are categorized in two, which are the White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO.

White and Black Hats

There are two categories of SEO techniques used today. Those are the white hat SEO and black hat SEO. According to many SEO experts, white hats are techniques which complies with search engine guidelines and are not used to deceive visitors of false information, while the black hat are technique which involves deception and manipulation of search engine result pages or SERPS.

Efficiency of white and black hats

According to many experts, black hat SEO techniques are effective in generating faster results compared to white hat. However, because black hat mainly uses technique which are illegal to search engines, while some of its techniques may also be illegal in other countries, such as copyright infringement, those websites caught using such techniques are given sanctions or completely banning a website from their indexes. White hat techniques, though known for its slower results compared to black hat, are more permanent compared to black hat.

Combination of white and black hats

A number of techniques have also been introduced which are known to be both white hat and black hat. This technique is mostly known today in the industry as Gray Hat SEO. According to many SEO experts, gray hat techniques are those that are neither really white nor black hat. Some of these gray hat techniques may be argued either way. These techniques might have some risk associated with them. One popular example of a gray hat technique is link buying.


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